Jewelry Care

Gold Filled Jewelry:
Gold filled jewelry is been the most common metal used in the jewelry industry. The cost of a solid full gold jewelry can be extremely costly. Gold filled is an economical alternative, and it helps the good quality of it. A proper care of your jewelry will help to make it last longer.

Gold filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold, which must constitute at least 5% of the item's total weight, mechanically bonded to a base metal (sterling silver, brass, copper and rhodium). To be called gold filled, the gold content must be at least 1/20th (5%) the weight of the total piece. That is the principal difference between gold filled and gold plated. There is not a minimum gold quantity required in order to be termed gold plated.

How to take care of my gold filled jewelry?
Gold filled jewelry is is supposed to be cared as any other piece of jewelry. The best advice we give is to clean it regularly using just a bit of warm water, or a clean piece of cloth. Is important to know that many chemicals marketed for cleaning jewelry may be abrasive or corrosive and can cause damage or color alteration.

How long will my Gold Filled jewelry last?
If you take a proper care of the jewelry, it can last for a lifetime. It does not chip or peel easily as gold plated jewelry. But heavy wear and rough conditions can damage how your jewelry looks. This is a real fact no matter what your jewelry is made of. We recommend to try to avoid, salt water, chlorine and all heavy detergents.

Semi-precious And Gemstone Care:

Natural stones are delicate, excessive heat from the sun can damage stones and pearls and can make them change color or even break. 

When putting on necklace and other jewelry with semi-precious stones, never place pressure directly on the stones themselves. Pushing rings on or pulling bracelets by their stones can loosen the fastenings which can quickly lead to lost stones.

Jewelry should be stored separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches.